Episode 1
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Episode Information
Kanji (だい)(いち)()
Rōmaji Daiichiwa
Arc Yotarou Wandering
Staff Information
Director Hiroaki Akagi,


Script 熊谷純
Storyboard 畠山守
Animation Director 浅井昭人、森本浩文


Music Information
Opening Usurahi Shinjuu
Ending Kaha, Taredoki
Episode 2


Plot SummaryEdit

Fresh out of prison, a man overhears a man playing rakugo over the radio as he hands over his papers. The man is surprised that a young man would be interested in rakugo. Looking at his papers, he says that he has no where to go and no family. The man says that he's going to the theater to see the master himself.

The man has his hair done and buys new clothes, then he goes to the theater. He finds Matsuda and asks if he waits there, he'll see the master. Matsuda is confused and asks if he's a fan. He says that he can buy tickets at the front. The man says that he has no money since he dressed up to see him. He says that he wants to become an apprentice. Matsuda tells him that he won't have any luck because he had never taken an apprentice. The man is shocked and drops his bags. Matsuda bows and apologizes. The young man presses his head to the car and says that his plans are ruined and tears fall onto the car. Matsuda tells him that he's making a mess. The man suddenly turns to him and grabs his shoulders. He asks if he can help him, since they're "friends."

Suddenly, Yakumo pulls Matsuda back with his cane and asks if his driver did something to offend him. He says that he can tell he's the criminal sort. The man is overjoyed and exclaims as he runs over and hugs him. He asks Matsuda who this "Yotarou" is. Matsuda says that he wants to become his apprentice.

Smiling, the man pulls back and says that he fell in love with him at first sight. He says that, a year ago, he came and performed Shinigami for the prisoners. He says that it was so scary, it made everyone terrified. He says that he thought it was hilarious that he told a story like that in prison. Yakumo says that it was a bot sarcastic. He asks if he just got out of prison. Happy, he says that he's a free man. Yakumo smiles and says that he looks as carefree as can be, and that he's hopeless. The man gets on his knees and tells him that he wants to try rakugo and that being his apprentice is all he has left. He bows and says please. Yakumo looks at him for a moment before smiling lightly. He asks if he has no place to go home to. The man sits up and looks at him. Matsuda says that they have to move on to his next job. Yakumo agrees and begins walking to his car. The man has tears in his eyes and looks defeated. Just as he's about to get in the car, he tells him to hurry up and get in.

A young woman sits listening to rakugo and smoking on a patio. Yakumo comes in and asks if she's home. She stops the tape and puts her book behind her. Yakumo stands in front of the man and Matsuda. He says that they'll have a lodger starting, so please look after him. The man looks down sheepishly and then greets her. Konatsu asks what he means and he says that he took in an apprentice, and he supposes that he's technically his best student. She asks why he would, since he said he would never take one. He says that he changed his mind and it's his house, so it shouldn't matter to her what he does. Smiling, he turns to him and says that having a man around should be handy. He pats his head and says he's a funny little yotarou. He tells him that her name is Konatsu and that she's a tomboy with a fiery temper, though she's a good girl.

Smiling, he says that he hasn't talked to a girl in quite a while, and says that it's nice to meet her. Angry, she throws her book at him and asks if he's an apprentice or a step ladder.

Later, as the man looks at a book about Sukeroku and Matsuda cooks, Matsuda introduces Sukeroku. He explains that he was a master who was active twenty years ago and was considered an unparalleled genius. He says that he was Konatsu's father. He and Yakumo trained under the seventh generation Yakumo to serve as the young hope of the post war golden age of rakugo. He says that, while they were planning all the things they'd do, Sukeroku died as well as his wife. Konatsu had no other relatives and the current master was single, so he took her in. The man says that it must have been rough on her. Matsuda says that their relationship is sensitive, so he should try and be considerate.

At [the place where you preform rakugo], Yotarou sits on his knees and watches as Yakumo gets ready to preform. Smiling, Yakumo tells him that he doesn't need to help, just watch. He says that perhaps he'll perform "Shinigami" for him.

Character AppearancesEdit


  • 死神
  • 出来心
  • 初天神
  • 鰍沢


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