Template:Infobox/DraftUsurahi Shinjuu (薄ら氷心中, lit. Thin Ice Lovers' Suicide) Template:Nihongo is the opening of the first season of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Template:Clear








Nee, doushite me o awasou tomo shinai no. Naze. Kitto
"Chokushi ni taenai." to demo iu n deshou. Douse. Jaa
ittai dare yo. Konna onna ni shita no wa dare.

Nee, matte ita nda yo otte kite kureru no o zutto.
Yatto aetatte no ni daite mo kurenai no kai. Chotto. Aa
Jinsei go-hasan. Omae-san anta no sei datte.

Wakannai no. Shiawase tte nani. Dore ga sore datte no yo.
Mendokusai wa. Noumiso mo wata mo baramaite miseyou ka. Hone no zui
made somenu kareta onna o gorannasai.

Suki yo daisuki, minna anta ni ageru. Iie. Kirai daikirai
yo, yappari kaeshite imasugu. Nante. Mou osoi wa namusan.
Omae-san de dekiten da, zenbu.

Wakatten no. Shiawase mo, fukou mo, koku ikkoku kieuseru.
Hiyako iyou de attakai kono te ga, ajiwai tsukushita wa. Kore
ijou wa nanni mo nai to omou no. Nikuku kawaii hito yo. Itai you de
kimochi ii o wakare yo. Sugisatta ano hibi. Todomete iru mama
no inochigoto owarasete shimaitai.

Usurai de iku wa. Watashi wa hitoribocchi.

Hey, why won't you meet my gaze? Why. You'll surely say
"I can't bear to look you in the eyes," is the reason. In any case. Then,
who was it? Who turned me into such a woman?

Hey, I was waiting for you; always for you to follow me.
Meeting at last, will you not embrace me? Hmph. Ah,
starting my life afresh. My dear, it's all your fault.

I don't understand. What's happiness? Which part was that?
It's so bothersome. Shall I show you my scattered brains and guts? Please look at me;
a woman dyed out to the marrow of her bones.

I love you, I really love you, I'll give you everything. No. I hate and despise you,
give it back back now. Just kidding. You're too late, say your prayers.
With I could do anything.

Surely you know. Happiness and sorrow disappear moment by moment.
With this chilled but warm hand, has tasted everything to exhaustion. I think
there's nothing more after this. Oh, my hated love. Though it should be painful,
this farewell feels so good. Those days that have passed. I want to put an end
to this life stuck in a standstill.

The ice grows thin. I'm all alone.


Animation Edit

The opening first starts off with Rakugo logo. It fades away to show a faceless Bon sitting seiza before a colorless bamboo forest, then flickering to a colorless tsunami and then to among a snowfall. The scene pauses on the balcony where Sukeroku and Miyokichi fell.

After this, Bon sits the same way in front of a waterfall, then fireworks, and then the rakugo theatre.

Though he had been bowing to the audience, the scene focuses on his now clear face and he looks up slightly, but still at the ground. The screen pauses on a green flower print.

A middle-aged Bon looks up at the screen, meeting the viewer's eyes and smiling slightly. The screen flickers, with Bon becoming Sukeroku. The screen pauses on Konatsu as a child standing before a door with the colors inversed.

Yotarou and Bon face the camera side-by-side looking at the viewer. There is a black and gold flower print. A young and unhappy Konatsu looks at the camera, with only the top of her face showing. After showing a flower print, Konatsu is shown as a young woman, with the same unhappy expression.

Another flower print is shown, and it is revealed that Konatsu was standing beside Bon, holding his hand in front of the door.

Something falls into water, leaving a trail. Water streams down Miyokichi's face, appearing similar to tears. The stream is revealed to be left by an unmoving koi fish. Miyokichi opens her yellow eye, and tears stream from her eyes. Water drips from her hand.

A grave marker sits with sun shining. The rakugo symbol engraved on the top.

Miyokichi looks at the viewer, straight faced. She is overcome with water, and as the water goes above her head, she becomes colourful. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth, as she begins to sink. She reaches her hand above.

On Yotarou's back, it is shown that he has an uncolored koi tattoo. A colorful koi swims in a pristine pond. Sukeroku's fan is shown open and pointing downwards.


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Usurahi Shinjuu (薄ら氷心中) is the opening of the first season of Shouwa Genroku Raguko Shinjuu.